Mermaid Tail Safety

Mermaiding is a great way to keep fit, keep some magic alive and have lots of fun. But as well as in any physical activity, there are some safety rules to follow. Find out more about mermaid tail safety on this page.

How safe is swimming in mermaid tails?

Before purchasing mermaid tails, think about the mermaid tail safety. First of all you should be aware that mermaid tails aren’t swimming devices. Mermaid tails may only be used by people who are capable and competent swimmers and don’t need any assistance in water. Furthermore you should use mermaid fins only under supervision or with an experienced buddy.. Accidents can happen in the water, doesn’t matter if you wear a mermaid tail or not.

Mermaiding is much fun but it can also be pretty exhausting. Swimming in a mermaid tail is a full body workout and a great training to keep fit. We suggest to visit a professional mermaid school to learn how to use your mermaid tail properly. And remember to train your way up! Start to use your mermaid tail in shallow water first. When you are confident in there you can get into deeper water until you are finally ready for open water.

After a while you will get more experienced n mermaiding and know your limits. But even then, don’t forget the mermaid tail safety. Never stand up in your mermaid tail unless you have something to hold onto. With your legs tight together in the tail it is easy to lose the balance and fall down. Standing on hard undergrounds can also damage your tail skin. You should get close to the water before you get into your mermaid tail because once you are in it you can’t walk anymore.

Mermaid tails safety Australia

There are many different kinds of mermaid tails out there. Although not all mermaid tails you can buy are made with high quality materials. Some mermaid fins can actually be dangerous to use in the water.  Before buying a mermaid tail, find out what kind of mono fin is being used in the tail. Mono fins made out of acrylic glass can break easily while swimming. This can bring you or your children into dangerous situations. Our mono fins are made out of a special plastic which is almost unbreakable. It allows you to glide through the water gently.

The quality of mono fins is important when it comes to mermaid tail safety

Safe mermaid tails for children Australia

Some mono fins are built with the help of screws or nails which can rust easily. This can damage your mermaid tail skin and lead to a breakdown of the mono fin. If this happens while swimming it can bring you in a very risky situation. Our mermaid fins don’t consist of any screws or nails.

A proper freediving mono fin will always have two separate foot pockets. They should have some space in between to stop your ankles from rubbing against each other while swimming. This could cause pain and break your concentration while mermaiding.

Mermaid mono fins should have two separate foot pockets with enough space in between, so the ankles can’t touch each other and cause any pain while swimming.
Mermaid monofins should have two separate foot straps to secure a proper fit in the water. Losing your monofin while swimming in the water can lead to dangerous situations.
Mermaid monofins should not consist of any screws or nails as these can rust after the use in water and damage fin and tail.
Mermaid mono fins need to be powerful and strong. Unfortunately we have heard of many cases where mono fins broke while children were swimming with them what can lead to dangerous situations.

To guarantee a tight fit it is also important that your mermaid mono fin has two separate foot straps. Mermaid fins with only one foot strap increase the risk of slipping out while swimming. This is annoying and can also bring you in a risky situation. The mono fins being used at Mermaid Kat Shop Australia are adjustable.

The fabric tails at Mermaid Kat Shop Australia include a mono fin and a fabric swimwear tail skin. The whole tail is neutrally buoyant and will not pull you underwater. Some companies use neoprene covers over their fins. As neoprene is positively buoyant, means it floats, it will pull to the surface. This makes it hard to lift the face out of the water to breathe, especially for children.

We use safe materials

The silicone we use to produce our silicone mermaid tails is the highest quality dragon skin silicone available. This kind of silicone is also being used in the medicine industry. Therefore it is very gentle to your skin and won’t cause you any health problems.

As silicone is neutrally buoyant, means it neither floats nor sinks, it is great to swim in it underwater. Therefore our silicone tails won’t pull you up or down while swimming.

Australia mermaid tails for children and adults

Generally said, yes there are some unsafe mermaid tails out there. We fight against these unprofessional and unsafe mermaid tails. The Mermaid Kat Shop Australia mermaid tails count to be the safest mermaid tails available. They are suitable for experienced swimmers who are confident to swim in deep water without any assistance. We hope to be able to make your dream come true. Transform into a real life mermaid or merman. Purchase the best quality mermaid tails available and guarantee your mermaid tail safety.

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