Mermaid Tail Sponsorship

A mermaid tail sponsorship is a great option for you to receive a mermaid tail without having to save up for it. Mermaid Kat Shop is now allowing a limited number of sponsorships each month.  We receive many requests for sponsorships each day. Therefore we will only reply if you are selected for a mermaid tail sponsorship.  If you are not selected for the month, please try again the following month. Please don’t send duplicate requests as these will not be considered.

We are currently reviewing spandex mermaid tail sponsorship applications that meet the following requirements:

Australian Mermaid Tail Sponsorship

50,000+ YouTube Subscribers

200,000+ Facebook Fans

50,000+ Instagram Followers

Perth Mermaid Tail Sponsorship at Mermaid Kat Shop Australia

We are currently reviewing silicone mermaid tail sponsorship applications that meet the following requirements:

Silicone Mermaid Tail Sponsoring Mermaid Kat Shop Australia

200,000+ YouTube Subscribers

600,000+ Facebook Fans

200,000+ Instagram Followers

Australian Silicone Mermaid Tail Sponsoring

Terms of a mermaid tail sponsorship are as follows:

Must be able to post at least one quality video per month on social media for 2 years

Must be able to post at least 5 quality photos per month on social media for 2 years

All posts must mention Mermaid Kat Shop Australia and link to

Agree to let us use sponsored videos and photos on our website and social media

Agree to not post any photos or videos wearing mermaid tails from a different manufacturer for 2 years

Social Media accounts must be positively reputable. Accounts must not be derogatory toward any race, gender or otherwise that would give a negative perception

To submit your entry for potential sponsorship, email us at with “Sponsorship” in the subject line. Include links to your social media for us to review.  (Instagram, YouTube, Facebook and any other social media account)

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