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These mermaid monofins are some of the most efficient mermaid monofins worldwide! Get the original Mermaid Kat Triton or Mermaid Kat Hydra Monofin.

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These mermaid monofins make every mermaid happy. The Mermaid Kat Triton and Mermaid Kat Hydra are fins for swimming and freediving. Our Mermaid Kat Triton comes in woman`s shoe sizes AU 4-7 and is great for children. It fits our mermaid tail skins in size 1 and size 2. For adults we offer the Mermaid Kat Hydra in woman’s shoe size AU 8-11. This fin will fit into our mermaid tail skins in size 3 and size 4. As both fins come with size adjustable heel straps, they guarantee the perfect fit, even if your feet are up to 3 numbers above or below the recommended shoe size.

Both mermaid monofins are an effective entry into swimming and freediving underwater. With these mermaid fins you can practice your mermaid movements and enjoy the underwater world like never before. Our monofins consist of two separate foot pockets which will keep your ankles apart from each other while swimming. 

Our Mermaid Monofins are great for freedivers and mermaids 

Please note: Monofins are NO BUOYANCY AIDS! Monofins are suitable FOR EXPERIENCED SWIMMERS ONLY. The use of monofins in the water may not be used without supervision or an experienced buddy. We also recommend a minimum age of 8 years.

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Weight 3.2 kg
Dimensions 60 × 70 × 10 cm


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